Why Fat people, and Why Crying?

I'm here, like many of you, to make the world a better place. I don't think it's that important, but you probably want to know: I have an IQ of 120 and, while I'm a little chubby, I carry it well. I'm a very healthy and attractive man. I have enjoyed the attentions of many conventionally attractive sexual partners and I've never contracted any sexually transmitted diseases. I have excellent teeth and I always smell (subtly but pleasantly) of coconuts.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fat Kid Crying and Eating Watermelon

Well, Who the Hey is This Guy?

I was inspired to begin this website because I take a lot of small breaks during the day to keep my mind fresh at my high-powered, creative, high-status job. (I can't go into detail, in part because I want to retain some anonymity (I've had some experience with stalkers in the past and while it's very flattering it's also very time consuming) and in part because it's all very important and must remain secret.) While taking these small-but-frequent mental-health breaks I found that the Internet, while varied and practically infinite, does not always yield the content and style of entertainment which I often desire. So I decided to take some time out of my satisfying life to construct a small corner of the Ether-World that might meet the needs of other searchers like myself. 

I chose to begin with images of fat people crying because, honestly, even in this Politically Correct day and age, can't we all agree that fat people are just awful? If they're going to be that wasteful and disrespectful of their bodies (not to mention all the people who have to look at them) then they must obviously be flawed as human beings. Also, isn't pathos one of the basic components of humor? So here I have combined pathos, schadenfreude and fat people, who deserve to be mocked. 


In time I will be adding some original content, authored by me. Look forward to it!